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La piscine publique

Jaquemus-7 ludo_1500_0_resize_90

jacquemus sur OC

Jacquemus FW2013 show at Piscine de la Cours de Lions, Paris

Came across Jacquemus’s latest collection on Purple Diary – it was set at a typically french public pool. If you have been to one of the older pools in Paris, you will know their immense sense of timelessness. The collection – just as its location – was stellar – I absolutely loved it! Featuring lots of classic fille française elements – the stripes, the beanie, le pull marine, and the quintessential swimming pool accessory – the rubber sandal. Jacquemus when interviewed, said, “I love France.” The French have a way of creating scenes and reenacting moments that trigger imagination and nostalgia.

…Vive la France!


One thought on “La piscine publique

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