reunionThere was a time we were lost, lonely. At first not realising, not understanding. Day in, day out, drifting and floating… until the mundanity got to us all. Finally begun a longing for some arrival – a glimpse of destination, a glimmer of hope.

Go, go on.

They say, all encounters are long-lost reunions. Everyone’s waiting for their happily-ever-after… Look at those flowers, they’ve always been around; yet always we were looking back, reminiscing about notes from a long forgotten age. The flowers were but an illusion, the moon but a reflection. Linger no more, those words will soon fade, as will everything else – transient like the waves.

Come, come with me.

A new chapter. The notes unfold over time… sweetness of orange and subtle hints of bergamot. Gather here – a reunion of recurring thoughts and burst of ideas. Like fireworks, let’s hope all good wishes combust in sparks of greater delight.

…and here we are, reunited.


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